Complete range for the rubber industry

Rubber blends are often ironically described as ‘exploded chemist's shops’. The number of accelerators and other essential additives for sulphur crosslinking alone can easily amount to 25 to 30 different substances. For your all-round supply we not only offer a comprehensive range of the common crosslinking agents from a single source but also specialty compounds for particular requirements: All rubber chemicals are available from LUVOMAXX® according to requirements as pure substances and as preparations.

Optimum crosslinking

Crosslinking represents the core chemical process for the properties of the finished rubber product. The selection of crosslinking system crucially determines the material properties of the elastomer such as tensile stress, strength, hardness, elasticity, gas permeability and resistance to high-temperature or swelling. Elemental sulphur is no doubt the most well-known crosslinker yet rubber chemistry has dozens of possible agents. We have summarized some additional information for you in a brief white paper in PDF format.

PDF Download: LUVOMAXX®White Paper on Crosslinking Agents

Our experts will be glad to help you in person if you should have any further queries.

Accelerators: Solutions of LUVOMAXX® for efficient crosslinking

We offer you the option of designing the discontinuous mixing process to make it reproducible, clean and cost-efficient. Suitable methods include

  • predispersed polymer-bound accelerators
  • liquid accelerators in the form of dry liquids
  • oil-coated accelerators 

Instead of the pure powders or liquids, polymer-bound preparations or dry liquids avoid material losses and deposits on the weighing equipment or in the feed chute of the internal mixer. The predispersed form further enhances the chemical activity of the active ingredients so that in many cases the quantity of material is reduced. Predispersed, strained crosslinking agents and accelerator masterbatches also avoid unwanted surface defects or uneven crosslinking, thus reducing the scrap rate.

During "acceleration" on the roll mill some additives in pure powder form behave almost like release agents and do not bind with the sheet. The result is material losses to the extraction system or catch pan. However, this is not the case with polymer-bound accelerators or oil-coated accelerator pastes. Here paste-like zones form immediately on the sheet and these are immediately distributed and incorporated.

The low-dust accelerator is placed where it belongs: in the blend.

Reponses to your challenges

For this we recommend:



You'll be able to achieve this with our extensive range of crosslinking co-agents. Available as pure substances, dry liquids, polymer-bound or wax-bound granulates for EDMA, 1,4-BDMA, 1,3-BDMA, TEDMA, TMPT, TAC, TAIC, PDM, ZDA

Ask for the nitrosamine-safe alternatives in our range:  TBzTD; AS 100; TiBTD; ZBEC; ZMBT, ZDTP or K-CDO 65.

Is there anything you need to know about...

Do you have to prevent sulphur blooming on the mixing surface, which forms release films and lowers the tack. In addition to a high initial content of γ-sulphur, do you expect high thermal stability, good blending characteristics and best dispersion properties?

Ask us for LUVOMAXX® S-IS GR 75 or LUVOMAXX® IS OC 80.

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Do you operate in the cable sector and are you looking for organosilanes with suitable vinyl functionality for the moist crosslinking of PE or cable blends. Are you only able to use the silanes in solid rather than liquid form for metering in a continuously reactive extraction process?


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Where additional strength is required, LUVOMAXX® and ALNOVOL® resins supply the required reinforcing structure.

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With the LUVOMAXX® ODOR dry liquids you can selectively blend in the optimum quantity of odour-intensive scents and perfumes.

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Broad flexibility with the LUVOMAXX(® special plasticizers. Plasticizers are not only fillers and extender oils, they also expand the performance spectrum of your finished article under a wide range of thermal loads. Our dry liquids improve handling here and allow selective metering exactly in accordance with the formulation.

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Whether for cellular rubber, sponge rubber or extended rubber, with LUVOMAXX® blowing agents, you always obtain the desired foam patter. Our many years of knowledge concerning the decisive parameters assures you of a constantly high level of quality.

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Retarders are an essential constituent when blends blends have to be adapted to the process conditions of parts manufacture. In injection moulding, for example, it is vital that the blend should not start vulcanizing during the waiting period in the feed channel. In continuous profile extrusion, too, retarders like LUVOMAXX® BSA help to ensure that gas bubble growth proceeds in an orderly manner.

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