Customizing: What do you need, and how much? 

We're there to help.

In the year 1907 Lehmann&Voss&Co. set up a laboratory for providing applications consultancy to the rubber and cable industry - in those days this was a completely new departure for a trading company. The laboratory provided the foundation for what we still see as a major function today. We are not solely concerned with the supply of products. Wherever it is of benefit to our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions for them. We are thus able to offer you specific support in improving the properties of your products or optimizing the cost effectiveness of your manufacturing process.

Today we have laboratory facilities and a pilot plant with state-of-the-art equipment for materials testing and instrumental analysis. We deal with customer queries concerning applications, test development products and conduct small-scale manufacturing trials under production conditions.

Development of customer-specific supply forms and application-friendly packaging solutions

Every production operation has its own requirements - and these particularly include the form in which the materials to be processed are supplied. This is where you can rely on our service. Thanks to our own warehouses with packaging facilities such as transfer, palletizing and shrinkage systems, we guarantee the availability of our products at short notice. And what is more, we offer you supply forms adapted to your individual requirements - from low-melting sachets (Combags®), through PE and paper sacks - each preweighed to your specifications - to octabins, Bigbags, IBCs and silo vehicles. Other special packaging types are also available.