Specialist for the rubber industry, product professional for carbon blacks

Under the brand name LUVOMAXX® we combine a unique range of services for the rubber industry together with our almost 100 years of experience with carbon blacks as a product. Through our worldwide and independent sourcing of raw materials, we offer you economically and technically optimized solutions that we adapt to your processing requirements and produce for you in customized form.

Everything for the rubber industry

Thanks to our expertise, which has grown over decades, we view ourselves as partners for the rubber industry. Today our supply range covers almost all relevant products for rubber processing. Fully in keeping with our motto "Solutions for Rubber", we will not only assist you with product selection but also provide you with in-depth advice on optimizing formulations and questions of applications technology.

Other industries

Fully matching the applications for carbon blacks is the wide variety of our product range. Whether for the refractory materials industry, metallurgy, the manufacture of foundry aids and paints or the pigmentation of plastics, we offer you all common carbon black types for industrial applications.

With us the chemistry is right – expert and individual advice

Technical and economic solutions emerge when there is an equally good level of knowledge on raw materials and processing. We have accumulated decades of experience with a wide variety of products and formulations and are also familiar with the special challenges of industrial rubber production. You not only receive comprehensive advice on the properties of our products but also benefit from our knowledge of their effects and interactions in complex formulations and our support in issues relating to applications technology. Trust in our experience!