Synthetic rubbers

The rubber-processing industry uses a large number of synthetic rubbers, some of which have customized properties. From this spectrum LUVOMAXX® offers:

VERSALIS - Synthetic rubber ranges: DUTRAL® (EP(D)M), INTENE® and EUROPRENE® (BR, ESBR, SSBR, NBR, SBS, SIS, SEBS) available for sales areas Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

LUVOMAXX® CM chlorinated polyethylenes: generally show excellent weathering resistance, basic flame retardant properties and oil swelling resistance: general use in e.g. cable and wire applications, hoses and protection jackets. Also useful as constituent in elastomer blends.

LUVOMAXX® 3,4-Polyisoprene special rubber with high Tg for very good damping properties and optimum grip in the wet:
tyre treads, high-performance shoe soles (sport, outdoor, trekking).

DAWNPRENE™ TPV thermoplastic elastomer vulcanizates.