New Products of our Rubber Portfolio - LUVOMAXX

DKT IRC 2021 – June 27-30,2022 – Nuremberg, Germany

Alpha Calcit, Germany - Aluminum Trihydrate ATH
ALFRIMAL is an environmentally friendly, versatile halogen-free flame retardant. The chemically pure ATH is useful for Wire & Cable and rubber products in mining or public transport – wherever “Safety first” requires fire protection.

Brisil, India – Precipitated silica from rice husk.
Green Silica from biomass waste using self-developed patented technology. 7.5 ktpa production capacity under operation, more capacity expansion under process.
Magris, USA/Canada – Functional Minerals for Rubber.

Mistron Vapor®, the well-known range of pure talk fillers with high functionality, provides various technical and commercial solutions, e.g. barrier properties, better extrusion output, dimensional stability for rubber articles.

Oxitec, Brazil – Bio-based compositions for reduction or elimination of Zinc Oxide
Oxitec has developed satellite plants able to transform pulp process by-products into a useful raw material for replacement of activator Zinc Oxide in rubber compounds.
UPM, Finland – Renewable Functional Fillers UPM BioMotion™  

“The breath of the Trees donate Live to us” (Roswitha Bloch, poet). Moreover, trees are sustainable origin for a range of innovative lignin based fillers helping to replace industrial carbon black or silica fillers with huge Carbon Footprint digits. UPM is the recognized manufacturer of wood-based bio-chemicals, practicing a globally active sustainable forestry (Trial quantities now available).

Further Projects:

  • Lehmann&Voss&Co. joining WdK/DIK R&D project for development of “bio-based antioxidants”
  • Shenquan Group, PR China – Phenolic Resins, Tackifying, Reinforcing, Bonding and Functional Resins

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