BRISIL - Silica from rice husk ash

The Indian producer BRISIL TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD and Lehmann&Voss are currently evaluating the marketing prospects for "green" precipitated silica for elastomer applications in Europe.

BRISIL has developed a patented process for the resource-efficient production of these silicas from biomass (rice husks), which are used as functional fillers in tyres, shoe soles, conveyor belts and cables. Other potential applications for silicas are in the area of paints & varnishes or in the production of toothpastes.

Currently, there is a production plant in the Indian district of Gujarat with a capacity of 7,400 tpa. Further production plants in Asia are being planned.

A REACh registration for this product series will be completed in the near future.

Currently, different types (specific surface areas of 130-200 m2/g) are produced, which are characterised by a positive 'ecological footprint' and a very good price/performance ratio.

Sample quantities are available and can be provided at short notice.