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Hamburg, October 2019

Lehmann&Voss&Co. combines with the services ‘sourcing, customizing, manufacturing’, the strengths of a trading and distribution business with own manufacturing facilities under one roof.

Our brand name LUVOMAXX® stands for a unique range of services and products such as carbon blacks, rubber chemicals, synthetic rubber, functional fillers. Through our worldwide and independent sourcing of raw materials, we offer you economically and technically optimized solutions in customized form, adapted to your processing requirements.

As a new highlight we can offer a broad range of Specialty blacks from our Partner Jiangxi Blackcat Carbon Black Inc. Ltd. These Pigment and Conductive grades show excellent dispersion properties with high blackness and are suitable for Engineering Plastics, UV Protection Fibers, Synthetic Leather, Color pastes, Masterbatches and others.

In the field of rubber technology we offer you for example the option of designing the discontinuous mixing process to make it reproducible, clean and cost-efficient. Suitable methods include

  • liquid additives in the form of dry liquids
  • oil-coated accelerators, blowing agents and others additives
  • predispersed polymer-bound additive masterbatches

Instead of the pure powders or liquids, polymer-bound preparations or dry liquids avoid material losses and deposits on the weighing equipment or in the feed chute of the internal mixer. The predispersed form further enhances the chemical activity of the active ingredients so that in many cases the dosage of material can be reduced. Predispersed, strained crosslinking agents and accelerator masterbatches also avoid unwanted surface defects or uneven crosslinking, thus reducing the scrap rate and costs.

LUVOMAXX®: Customized preparations

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